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Central Nervous System
Citicoline Sodium CP2005 GMP,DMF open part 20kg/drum
Zidovudine USP30/EP5 GMP,COS 25kg/drum
Lamivudine USP30 GMP,DMF open part 25kg/drum
Stavudine USP29 GMP,DMF open part 25kg/drum
Nevirapine USP29 GMP,DMF open part 25kg/drum
Ritonavir CP2000 GMP 10kg/drum
Anti-HIV Intermediates
5-Methyluridine in house CAS No.:  1463-10-1
Cytidine in house CAS No.:  65-46-3
Uridine in house CAS No.:  58-96-8
β-Thymidine in house CAS No.:  50-89-5
Cytiding 5'Monophosphate,Free Acid in house CAS No.:  63-37-6
2,2'-anhydro-5-methyluridine in house CAS No.:  22423-26-3
Weight Reducing Aid
Orlistat In-house,≥98%(HPLC) option
Sibutramine HCL >99%   10kg/drum
Voglibose In-house CAS No.:  83480-29-9
Nizofenone Fumarate In-house CAS No.:  54533-86-7
Cyclosporin A EP5.0/USP30 GMP 1kg,5kg/tin/ctn
Sirolimus/Rapamycin >99%(HPLC)   option
Tacrolimus in house,≥95%   50g,100g/alu bag
Netilmicin Sulfate USP26 GMP,DMF open part 5kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Lincomycin HCL BP2002/EP5 GMP 20bou/drum
Gentamycin Sulfate BP2002/EP4 GMP 10bou/drum
Clindamycin HCL USP29 GMP 20kg/drum
Spiramycin EP3/EP5 GMP 20kg/drum
Paromomycin Sulfate USP28 GMP 20kg/drum
Ribostamycin Sulphate JP98 GMP 5bou/tin,2tins/ctn
Amikacin Sulfate USP30/EP5 GMP 5bou/tin,2tins/ctn
Clindamycin Phosphate USP29 GMP 20kg/drum
Clarithromycin USP28 GMP,USFDA 25kg/drum
Fleroxacin CP2005 GMP 5kg/tin
Pazufloxacin Mesilate In-house GMP 5kg/tin
Balofloxacin In-house GMP 5kg/tin
Meropenam Carbonate sodium USP30 GMP 5kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Imipenem Cilastatin USP30 GMP 5kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Ceftezole Sodium/free acid USP30,in house GMP 10kg/tin
Cefzolin Sodium USP30 GMP 10kg/tin
Ceftriaxone Sodium USP28 GMP 10kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Cefuroxime Sodium USP28 GMP 10kg/tin/ctn
Cefotaxime Sodium USP28 GMP 10kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Ceftazidime USP28 GMP 10kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Cefoperazone Sodium USP28 GMP 5,10kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Cefepime HCL USP28 GMP 5kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Cifpirome Sulfate USP28 GMP 5kg/tin,2tins/ctn
Antipyretic-analgesic&Anti-inflammatory drug
Paracetamol BP2007,USP30 GMP 25kg/drum
Muscular Relaxants
Rocuronium Bromide EP5.4 DMF,open part option
Vecuronium Bromide EP5.4 DMF,open part option
Paclitaxel natural/semi-syn USP30 DMF,open part option
Docetaxel Anhydrous/Trihydrate 99.50% DMF,open part option
Gemcitabine USP30 DMF,open part option
Fludarabine USP30 DMF,open part option
Letrozole USP30 DMF,open part option
Anastrozole 99.5%min DMF,open part option
Irinotecan 99.5%min DMF,open part option
Melphalan USP30 DMF,open part option
Methotrexate USP30 DMF,open part option
Ifosfamide 99%min DMF,open part option
Idebenone 98.5%min DMF,open part option
Antilipemic Agent
Simvastatin USP29,EP5 GMP 5,10kg/tin/ctn
Pravastatin Sodium EP5.2 GMP,COS 10kg/drum
Lovastatin USP27 GMP,USFDA 20kg/drum
Mevastatin In-house GMP,USFDA 20kg/drum
Dorzolamide hcl 99% DMF open part option
Benign Prostate Hyperplasia(BPH)
Tamsulosin hcl 99.50% DMF open part option
Vitamin K2(20)/Menaquinone-4 JP14/CP2005   option
Vitamin K2(35/45) food grade   option
Veterinary drug   
Colistin Sulphate EP4/EP5 VGMP 400bou,20kg/drum
Vitamin B2(Riboflavin) 80%,feed grade VGMP 20kg/drum
Enrofloxacin Base CPV2005 VGMP 25kg/drum
Sulfadiazine Sodium CPV2005 VGMP 25kg/drum
Sulfamerazine Sodium USP15 VGMP 25kg/drum
Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium CPV2005 VGMP 20kg/drum
Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium CPV2005 VGMP 20kg/drum
Fenbendazole BP VGMP 25kg/drum
Arbendazole BP VGMP 25kg/drum
Avermectin  95% Tech VGMP 25kg/drum
Ivermectin EP4,CP2000 VGMP 25kg/drum
Florfenicol CPV VGMP 25kg/drum
Thiamphenicol CP2005 VGMP 25kg/drum
Furazolidone in house VGMP 25kg/drum
Diludine CPV2005 VGMP 25kg/drum
Nicarbazine CPV2003 VGMP 20kg/drum
Kitasamycin Tartrate CPV2005,JP15 VGMP 20kg/drum
Zilpaterol 98%min VGMP 10kg/drum
Ractopamine hcl 98.5%min VGMP 10kg/drum
Remarks: All the above listed products are not offered for sale in countries and regions where the sale of such products constitutes a patent infringement, and liability for patent infringement is exclusively understood at buyer's risk.

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